Monday, July 19, 2010

Motor Pasta Machine

A motor pasta machine is not necessarily an electric pasta machine to begin with. You can buy a manual pasta machine and then attach a motor to it, if you want to have this option. On the other hand, you can buy one that already gives you both options, although be prepared to spend a larger amount on the machine.

Using a motor pasta machine is a lot of fun. It’s like the Toys for Big Girls version of your child’s play dough machine, but a lot better. You get to eat what you make. It’s great if you have kids because it teaches them to appreciate better-tasting food, not to mention more nutritious food.

There are quite a lot of choices in motor pasta machines, but the better ones come from Italy or the United States. There are some that are made and assembled in Asia, but if you decide to buy one of these, be sure to know where to bring it in case it needs parts or repair.

If you buy a motor pasta machine, you should use it as often as possible. If not, be sure to lubricate it before using it if it has been in storage for a while.

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